About us


Our mission is to produce great musical projects and innovative solutions for sharing them more effectively.

We believe that artistic experience brings huge value to quality of life and that as our world becomes ever-more technologically oriented people become increasingly alienated and in need of experiences to provide a means relating both to themselves and to others. We also believe that music is relevant to people of all walks of life, cultural background and ability.


With over twenty-five years’ experience in the field, Classic Concerts Trust supports and promotes concerts, recordings and other musical projects of the highest possible quality.  The trust provides advice and consultancy concerning any aspect of concert promotion, direct grant support for concerts or associated activities and in some cases undertakes full-scale promotion or management of concerts or other projects. 


Classic Concerts Trust is a company limited by guarantee registered in England No 2071722 and registered charity No 295996.

Registered office: 25b Epsom Lane South, Tadworth, KT20 5TA

Board of Directors:

Jonathan Brett – Artistic Director
Phillip Money – Trustee
Melissa Wickremasinghe – Trustee